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Grand Master 1832


From History of Freemasonry in Rhode Island, 1895, Page 301:

Stephen Ayrault Robinson, born in 1799, was the son of William C. Robinson, who traced his descent from Rowland Robinson, who settled in Narragansett in the early history of the Colony. His mother was daughter of Edward and Francis (Ayrault) Wanton. Stephen Robinson, when a boy, went to sea, but later devoted most of his time to mercantile pursuits in Newport, R. I., but without much success. Later he retired to Narragansett and there passed the remainder of his days in farming. In 1822 he married Sarah R. Potter, daughter of Jeremiah N. Potter. He died at Wakefield, R. I., April 8, 1877, aged 78 years. From 1832 to 1837 he was in command of the Newport Artillery Company.

He was made a Master Mason in St. John's Lodge, Newport, July 8, 1820, having received the preceding degrees two days earlier. He was elected Master of St. John's Lodge, Newport, December 27, 1827, and served in that office for seven years. In the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island he held various offices. He was Junior Grand Warden in 1829 and 1830; Deputy Grand Master in 1831, and Grand Master in 1832, serving one year in the last named office.

His funeral took place at Wakefield, April 12, 1877, and was attended by the Grand Lodge, an Emergent Communication having been called for the purpose of paying Masonic honors to the deceased. R. W. Bro. Thomas Vincent, Grand Senior Warden, presided, and conducted the Masonic burial service at the grave.

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