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Grand Master 1836


From History of Freemasonry in Rhode Island, 1895, Page 270:

The above named Craftsman was born in North Kingstown, R. I., about the beginning of the present century. He resided for many years in Wickford, R. I., and for a number of years held rank as a member of Washington Lodge, No. 5, of which at one time he was Worshipful Master.

The material is not at hand for an extended sketch of his career, Masonic or otherwise. The records of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island show that he held various important offices in that body, and that he was elected to the office of Grand Master in 1836. He served as Grand Master but one term.

Evidently he was a man of ability, and well informed respecting matters of Masonic procedure. The writer has before him a printed address which was delivered by Bro. Rathbun while he was holding the office of Deputy Grand Master in 1835. It was given on St. John's Day, June 24, 1835, in the First Congregational Church, Providence. The discourse, delivered at a time when the tempest of persecution was raging against Freemasonry, contains many suggestive paragraphs—among them the following:

"I am well aware that I am confronted by the testimony of many men who stand high in society, some of whom have passed through the forms and ceremonies connected with this institution. All I can say of them is that if their Masonry was what they pretend it is they did well to renounce it. They must in their own imaginations have created their monster of iniquity, and inasmuch as it was a child of their own creation they had an undoubted right to destroy it. They have told us that at the commencement they were hoodwinked, and so I fear they will ever remain to all the real beauties and glories of Masonry as it is. They have gone out from among us, and the manifest and simple reason is they were not of us."

The Grand Lodge of Rhode Island passed a vote of thanks to the orator for his excellent and appropriate discourse, and arranged for its publication in pamphlet form.

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