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Grand Master 1800-1801


From History of Freemasonry in Rhode Island, 1895, Page 275:

Col. Christopher Olney was born in Providence, Dec. 24, 1745, and died March 5, 1809. In 1766 he married Jemima Potter. He was a man of mark and influence in the community, and was often called to fill places of public trust and responsibility. He was a sturdy patriot in the times that tried men's souls and he held a Colonelcy during the War of the Revolution. He was one of the pall bearers at the funeral ceremony enacted in Providence, in 1800, in commemoration of Washington. Col. OIney was a manufacturer and carried on quite a large business for his time. He erected several factories in Olneyville, which was named for him. He was a man of large and varied information and the steadfast friend of education. He was elected a trustee of Brown University in 1804. He was the father of three sons and four daughters. One of his sons, Nathaniel G., was associated in the manufacturing interests at Olneyville, and after his father's death carried on the business.

Christopher Olney was an active member of the Masonic Fraternity. His Masonic record is alike creditable to his ability and his devotion to the interests of the Craft. He was a member of St. John's Lodge in Providence, active and helpful in the organization of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island, and he was elected Senior Grand Warden of that body in 1795. He served as Deputy under Grand Master Peleg Clarke, whom he succeeded in the highest office, in the year 1800, being re-elected in 1801.

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