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Grand Master 1961-1962


John Stafford Allen was born on March 15, 1894, at Morris Park, New York. A graduate of Providence Technical High School, he was awarded his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry in 1916. He began his professional practice in Providence in the office of his uncle, Dr. Courtland J. Allen, 21st President of the Rhode Island Dental Society.

In World War I, Dr. Allen entered the military service with the rank of First Lieutenant, Dental Corps, U. S. A., serving both in this country and overseas, where he took part in the St. Mihiel and Meuse Argonne Offensive in 1918. He was promoted to the rank of Captain and on his discharge from active duty was awarded the Victory Medal with two bronze stars.

He was associated with the importing firm of John F. Allen & Son, Inc. for years, making many trips abroad for the purchase of semi-precious stones and imitation stones, for the manufacturing jewelry trade. He was, for several years Treasurer ol the New England Mfg. Jewelers and Silversmiths Association, and has also served as a Director of the Mfg. Jewelers Board of Trade.

Dr Allen was married on April 6, 1920, at the Central Congregational Church in Providence to Miss Gladys Chase. They were blessed with two children — a son, John Chase Allen, who was killed in action during World War II as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy, and a Daughter, Elizabeth Allen Evans, who passed away several years ago, leaving two children — Richard Allen Evans and Judith Armstrong Evans.

In 1942 he attended course in post-graduate work in Dentistry at Tufts College Dental School. For three years he conducted the practice of Dr. Earle Elliott, while the latter was in the service during World War II. In 1945 he opened his own office and has continued in general practice since then.

Dr Allen served in the out-patient dental department of Boston City Hospital. For six years he served on the voluntary active surgical staff of the Joseph Samuels Dental Clinic for Children. He was a member of the active dental staff before becoming a member of the consulting dental staff of Chapin Hospital, serving a total of fourteen years in these capacities. For many years, he has served on the Council of Dental Health of the Rhode Island State Dental Society, acting as Chairman for several terms. He initiated the first National Dental Health Week in Rhode Island and it was during his tenure as Chairman of this Council that fluoridation was introduced into the public water supply of the City of Providence.

He was one of the organizers and a charter member of the Consultants to the Division of Social Security of the Rhode Island Department of Public Welfare.

Dr. Allen was 82nd President of the Rhode Island Dental Society, for the year 1959-1960. He is a member of the Providence District Dental Society, New England Dental Society, The Rhode Island Branch of the American Society of Dentistry for Children, the Rhode Island Odontological Society, Federation Dentaire Internationale. He received his Fellowship in the American College of Dentist in 1956. Dr. Allen is a member of the Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity. Dr. Allen is a past Senior Warden of St. Martin's Episcopal Church of Providence. In November, 1917, Dr. Allen came up from duty at Camp Lee Virginia, as a Dental Surgeon for the 2nd Battalion, 318th Infantry Regiment of the 80th Division, in order to receive his Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason degrees all in one day by special dispensation of the Grand Master. Past Grand Master Howard B. Rice was his Instructor at the time. He became a member of What Cheer Lodge No. 21 F. & A. M., also on the same day.

On the 17th of October, 1927 he took his degrees in Providence Royal Arch Chapter, and on the 13th of December, of the same year; his degrees in the Providence Council No. 1. In 1934 he became a member of the Calvary Commandery No. 13, and served on the Guard for five years.

In 1937 he became a 32nd Degree Mason and joined the Palestine Temple. He was crowned a 33° Mason in Boston, Massachusetts, in September, 1951.

He was installed as Worshipful Master of What Cheer Lodge No 21 F. & A. M., in 1939, and later as Thrice Potentate Master of Solomon's Lodge of Perfection A. S. S. R., in the Valley of Providence, 1951.

He is also a member of the Moslem Grotto and served for several years as the Wizard of the organization.

He was presented the Erasmus J. Phillips Medallion in Nova Scotia, 1961.

At the 171st Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island, M. W. Brother Allen was presented the Henry Price Medal of Massachusetts by M. W. Lawrence E. Eaton, M. W. Grand Master of Massachusetts.

Dr. Allen's life has been dedicated to two main purposes. The special efforts of his whole professional career have been directed to the promotion of good dental health in the community, to the cementing of good relationships between the Dental profession and the public, and to the furnishing of important dental health services to everyone, on all economic levels. Then of course, his sincere desire to further Freemasonry to the best oi his ability. He has always been willing to dedicate his time and talents to the needs of Masonry with little concern for his personal welfare.

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