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THOMAS COLE 1779-1852

  • MM unknown
  • affil 1811, WM 1816-1819, Essex
  • Grand Sword Bearer 1810
  • Junior Grand Warden, 1820
  • Senior Grand Warden, 1821-1822


From Proceedings, 1852, Page V-422:

Whereas it has pleased God, since the last communication of this G. Lodge to remove from this life our R, W. Bro, Thom. Cole one of the Past, Grand Wardens of this G. Lodge;

Resolved. That in the death of Bro. Cole this G. Lodge laments the loss, of one endeared to us by a long course of masonic duty; of one true to all his obligations, as a Christian and a man, and most true in all the relations of domestic life. While we lament our own loss, we cannot grieve for him, but trust that he is admitted to the fellowship and rewards of the Grand regions of perfect light.

Ordered, That a copy of the above resolution be sent by the R. W, G, Secretary to the family of the late R. W. Thom. Cole,

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