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  • MM 1958, WM 1965, Army
  • District Grand Master, (Panama), 1975-1978


From The Canal Zone Orient, 1975:

Ill. Richard Henry Kinsey, 33°, Almoner of the Panama Canal Scottish Rite Bodies has been appointed District Grand Master of the District Grand Lodge of the Canal Zone by M. W. Stanley F. Maxwell, Grand Master of Masons in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Right Worshipful Kinsey was installed January 25, 1975, and succeeds R.W. and Ill. David C. Mcllhenny, 33°.

Illustrious Kinsey was born January 21, 1928, in Hughestown, Pa., and was educated in the public school system of West Pittston, Pa. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and returned to active duty in the Army during the Korean conflict. Illustrious Kinsey has been with the Panama Canal organization since August of 1960 and is presently a Detective Sergeant with the Police Division in charge of the Narcotics Section.

Raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason on June 3, 1958, Illustrious Kinsev embarked on a most dedicated Masonic career. He served Army Lodge as Master in 1965, and has served as a District Grand Lecturer, District Senior Grand Warden and Deputy District Grand Master. Right Worshipful Kinsey holds a Certificate of Meritorious Service for his service and dedication to Masonry and the Joseph Warren Medal for Distinguished Service awarded by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.

Besides being the Almoner of the Panama Canal Scottish Rite Bodies, Illustrious Kinsey is a past presiding officer of the four Bodies of the Scottish Rite in the Canal Zone. He was invested with the rank and dignity of a Knight Commander of the Court of Honour in December 1967. Illustrious Kinsey was coronated an Inspector General Honorary, 33°, on January 9, 1972.

In the York Rite, he is the past presiding officer of the three Canal Zone Bodies; has been decorated as a Knight York Cross of Honour; and is the Special Representative of the General Grand Master, Royal Arch Masons. He is also the Intendant General of the Red Cross of Constantine.

Illustrious Kinsey is known as "Dad" to every DeMolay boy on the Canal Zone in his capacity as the Deputy of the Supreme Council and Executive Officer, Order of DeMolay.

After serving as Potentate of Abou Saad Temple A.A.O.N.M.S. in 1970 Illustrious Kinsey has remained active as Chairman of the Crippled Children's Hospital Committee and as a member of the Abou Saad Clown Unit.

A Mason of dedication, III. Kinsey is always ready to assist all who desire his assistance and guidance. The youth of today will be better citizens of tomorrow as a result of his devotion to their interests. We of the Panama Canal Scottish Rite Bodies offer our congratulations to Ill. and R. W. Richard Kinsey, 33°, and wish him every success during his term of office.


From Proceedings, Page 1980-161:

Right Worshipful Richard Henry Kinsey was born January 21, 1928, at Hughestown, Pennsylvania, the son of Richard and Emma Mae Kinsey. He was educated in the West Pittston Schools of West Pittston, Pennsylvania, and had taken some courses through Florida State IJniversity while in the Canal Zone.

He served in the United States Navy during World War II and then in the Army from 1955 to 1960. He married Beverly Jane Bowers of Laurel Run, Pennsylvania in 1951 and they had three children; Diane Lee, Janet Lynn, and Richard H. Kinsey, Upon leaving the Army he joined the Police Division of the Panama Canal and worked in the Narcotic Investigation Section.

When he retired he was a Lieutenant in the Detective Division. While serving with the Army he made application to Army Lodge, Balboa, Canal Zone and received his first degree on April 1, 1958; second degree on April 29, 1958 and was raised on June 3, 1958. Immediately he began to take an active part in his Lodge holding the offices of Inside Sentinel, Chaplain, Senior Deacon, Junior and Senior Wardens between 1958 and 1964, and served as Master in 1965.

Following his term as Master he began to take part in the activities of the District Grand Lodge holding the office of District Grand Steward in 1966, District Grand Lecturer in 1967-1969; District Senior Grand Warden, 1970; Deputy District Grand Master, 1971 and was appointed District Grand Master in 1975-1978 by Most Worshipful Stanley F. Maxwell. Also during this period, he held the office of Secretary o fhis Lodge from 1969 until his retirement in 1980. He was presented the Distinguished Service Medal in 1972 and Most Worshipful Stanley Maxwell, on his visit to the Canal Zone, presented him with the Henry Price Medal on January 23, 1976.

In addition to his work in Lodge and District Grand Lodge, he found time to participate in both the York and Scottish Rite and held the following offices: Excellent High Priest, Canal Zone Chapter No. 1, 1969; Illustrious Master, Canal Zone Council No. 1, 1969; Eminent Commander, Canal Zone Commandery No. 1, 1971; Received the York Cross of Honor in 1972; Sovereign of San Lorenzo Conclave, ReB Cross of Constantine, 1972; Appointed Intendant General in 1973; Venerable Master, Panama Canal Lodge of Perfection, 1970; Master, Panama Canal Lodge of Rose Croix, 1971; Master, Panama Canal Council of Kadosh, 1972; Master, Panama Canal Consistory, 1922; Knight Commander Court of Honor, 1967; 33° Inspector General, Honorary Member of the Supreme Council, 1972; Illustrious Potentate, Abu Saad Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S. and Executive Director for DeMolay in the Canal Zone for several years.

It has been often said that if you want a job done, give it to a busy person and we can all see that Dick Kinsey was a busy person. In addition to his Masonic work he found time to devote himself to community work. On April 15, 1977, the Panama Canal paid tribute to 21 individuals and groups who had made outstanding voluntary contributions to the Isthmian Community. Director of Personnel Gordon M. Frick, who opened the ceremony said, "They saw and understood what was needed to be done and they did it. They gave freely and unselfishly of themselves and their spare time to help others when they could have turned aside and pursued their own desires," Governor Parfitt said, "There is no higher award than one for service to one's fellowman and no greater reward than one's own self-satisfaction. Nothing we say or give you can surmount that recognition of your contribution." Richard Kinsey was among those 21 and received the second highest award, the Silver Medallion.

Then again in 1980 upon his retirement from the Police Division, Lt. Kinsey was doubly honored in recognition of his numerous humanitarian contributions to the Isthmian Community over a period of years. He was presented the Order of Vasco Nuñez de Balboa in the rank of Caballero as Panama's acknowledgement of his humanitarianism by Panama's Deputy Minister of Foreign Relations, Juan Manuel Castulovich. That same day, he was awarded the Key to the Panama Canal in the grade of Master Almoner by Acting Administrator Fernando Manfredo, Jr. at a ceremony in the Administrators Office.

Upon his retirement he bought a house in Dothan, Alabama and was busy making it into a home when he was called to meet the Great Architect of the Universe on Sunday, September 7, 1980 at the age of 52.

Respectfully submitted,
Howard Osborn

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