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JAMES MORSE, 1777-1842


From Proceedings, Page 1873-209:

REV. JAMES MORSE, D.D., NEWBURYPORT. Episcopalian. 1805, 1828-1833.

REV. JAMES MORSE, D.D., wife Martha Boardman, m. Oct. 19, '04, d. April 22, '29, 2d wife Elizabeth Ting, m. Jan. 6, 1831, r. Newburyport.
— Memorial of the Morses, p. 108, 1850.

Succeeded Bishop Bass in the rectorship of St. Paul's [Newburyport], and remained in this office till his death in 1842, a period of thirty-nine years. He was devotedly attached to the church, and was a gentleman much esteemed in all the relations of life. He was a native of Newburyport, and graduated at Harvard in 1800. — History of Newburyport, 1854.

Bro. Edward F. Bartlett, Secretary of St. Mark's Lodge, writes (in reply to inquiries), under date of the 30th of Dec., 1873, thus : " At a meeting of our Lodge this evening I met Brother Silas Rogers, of this city [Newburyport], a member of the Lodge, who was made a Mason in 1816. He informed me that he knew Bro. Morse as a Mason a number of years prior to that, and considered him quite an old Mason at that time; but did not know when he was made. He does know, however, that he was made in Saint Peter's Lodge, which was then in existence here; and was, at one time, Chaplain of that Lodge, and much interested in Masonry."

Morse-Learned House in Newburyport

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