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District Deputy Grand Master, China, 1902-1904
District Grand Master, China, 1919-1921


From Proceedings, Page 1921-375:

Rev. John Reside Hykes, D.D., was born near Shippensburg, Franklyn County, Pennsylvania, Aug. 9, 1852. He graduated from the Pennsylvania Normal School at Millersville before he attained the age of eighteen, after which he taught school and pursued private studies. In 1873 he was admitted to the Central New York Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church and was immediately after his ordination sent as a missionary to Kiukiang. At this important post he labored for twenty years, becoming highly proficient in the Chinese language and proving himself a very capable man of affairs.

His record here caused his appointment in 1893 as head of the Chinese Agency of the American Bible Society. He then took up his headquarters at Shanghai and from there directed the work of the Society with distinguished success up to the time of his death. The year before Dr. Hykes took charge. the Society circulated 192,215 volumes. Under his administration this grew to a maximum of 2,274,710 in 1915. The succeeding years of war, internal disturbances in China, and high prices everywhere necessarily materially diminished the work of the Society. They did not diminish the work of its devoted head. Dr. Hykes' life was probably materially shortened by his unremitting toil in behalf of the stricken Chinese, especially in the famine areas. He went about among them and used every effort possible to arouse American interest and sympathy, to secure contributions of money, and to assist personally in their relief. His health broke under this strain and he died in Shanghai June 14, 1921.

In addition to his professional duties Dr. Hykes was Vice- Consul-General for the United States at Shanghai from 1900 to 1905, and for a time served as Assessor of the Mixed Court.

Dr. Hykes was an ardent and active Freemason. He received the Blue Lodge degrees in Cumberland Valley Lodge No. 315, of Shippensburg, Pa., in 1891. He affiliated with Ancient Landmark Lodge of Shanghai Nov. 5, 1895, and was its Worshipful Master in 1897 and 1898, and District Deputy Grand Master for China in 1902, 1903, and 1904.

On the retirement of R. W. Stacy A. Ransom, District Grand Master for China, at the end of 1919, Dr. Hykes was appointed his successor and served with great distinction and ability to the time of his death. At the time of his death he held also the rank and post of Sovereign Grand Inspector General, 33° (honorary) and Deputy for China in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of the Southern Jurisdiction, U. S. A.

Dr. Hykes was buried on June 15th in the Pahsienjao Cemetery, the church service being conducted by Rev. Dr. Luther Freeman, and. the beautiful Rose Croix burial service being conducted by Iil. Bro. Judge C. S. Lohingier, 33°. There was a very large attendance of Masonic and. other friends and a vast profusion of beautiful floral tributes.

R. W. Bro. Hykes is survived. by a widow and four sons, to whom the sympathy and. affection of this Grand Lodge go out in fullest measure.

The North China Daily News said of him, "Dr. Hykes was in every sense a big man. He had a big brain, a wonderfully large and warm nature, and an energy that was amazing. Apart from his unquestioned ability in the capacity of Agency Secretary to the American Bible Society, his most outstanding quality was sympathy with the man in need of help, coupled with a marvelous ability displayed in securing such help. One who has worked with him for more than eleven years and seen at close range these qualities in operation, says that he knows that many men in this (Shanghai) and other cities and countries will mourn his loss. To a multitude of men here, his passing creates a blank that will be hard to fill."

Of none is this more true than of his friends and associates in the joys and labors of Freemasonry.

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