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HIRAM O. SMITH 1841-1900


Senior Grand Warden, 1891


From Proceedings, Page 1900-97:

Brother Hiram O. Smith having been summoned on the 13th of May last to the Celestial Lodge above, where the Supreme Architect of the Universe presides, it is eminently proper that the memory of his many virtues should receive fitting notice at the hands of his Brethren of this Most Worshipful Grand Lodge, of which he was an honored member.

Brother Smith was born at Wilmington, Vt., Sept. 19, 1841, and removed with his parents to Shelburne Falls, Mass., when he was a child. After the usual preparation afforded by the public and other schools in the vicinity he entered the employment of the Lamson Goodnow Manufacturing Company. By his faithful work and marked ability he soon became an acknowledged expert in his chosen calling, and was accorded the highest position, that of superintendent of the works. In 1884 he resigned his post to accept a similar position in the John Russell Cutlery Company, of Turner's Falls, the largest cutlery manufactory in the world. He here maintained his high standing, and assisted in winning for that establishment the position which it enjoyed at the time of his death, and which it still holds.

A wise and accomplished Mason, and zealous for the interests of the Fraternity, by the suffrages of his Brethren he held and adorned every office of honor and trust in the various Bodies with which he was connected.

He was raised to the sublime degree of M.M. in Mountain Lodge, Shelburne Falls, May 24, 1865.

He was exalted to the degree of Royal Arch Mason, in Franklin Chapter, Greenfield, Mass., Jan. 31, 1866. He was admitted to secrets and honors of a Super Excellent Master in Titus Strong Council, Greenfield, May 7, 1866. He was created and dubbed Knight of the Valiant and Magnanimous Order of the Temple, and advanced to the rights and privileges of the Order of Malta, in Connecticut Valley Commandery, Knights Templar, Greenfield, Mass., March 19, 1867.

He served as District Deputy Grand Master of the Eighth Masonic District in the year 1880. He was elected R.W. Senior Grand Warden of the M.W. Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, and served during the year 1891.

As a citizen he took an active interest in public affairs, and was highly honored and respected. He adorned social life in his family and the community. The universal esteem with which he was regarded was manifested by the large attendance at his funeral by the citizens generally and his Brethren of the Masonic Fraternity who deposited the sprig of acacia - the emblem of immortality - in his grave, in the cemetery at Shelburne Falls, Mass., May 16, 1900

Of him we can truthfully say, in summing up his useful and exemplary life, in the language of the Latin bard, Integer vitae scelerisque purus.

Resolved, That this Memorial be spread on the Records of the M.W. Grand Lodge, and that the R.W. Grand Secretary be instructed to forward a copy of the same, together with an expression of the sympathy of this Grand Body, to the widow and family of our deceased Brother.


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