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  • 03/14/1984: 1984-24
  • MM 1947, St. Andrew's #83, Bangor, Maine
  • Affiliated with Mystic Valley, Prospect, Revere
  • Grand Chaplain, 1977-1984


From the 50th Anniversary History of Mystic Valley Lodge:

Rev. Bro. H. Newton Clay deserves special mention. He served as Chaplain upon assuming the Pastorship of the Crawford Memorial Methodist Church in 1958 until June 1969. During this time, Rev. Brother Clay also served as Chaplain for Revere Lodge which meets at the Masonic Temple, Boston. Rev. Brother Clay never missed a meeting unless Pastoral duties prevented him from so doing. His semi-retirement from the ministry and assuming the Pastorship of a small parish the other side of Boston has prevented his continuing as Chaplain of Mystic Valley Lodge. His regular presence in our midst and his prayers at our holy altar are greatly missed. Rev. Brother Clay has fulfilled many speaking engagements before Masonic bodies and has always been a most popular speaker. His sense of humor has ever been most delightful.

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