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FRANK W. KAAN 1861-1960


Senior Grand Warden, 1898


From Proceedings, Page 1960-255:

Born September 11, 1861
Died October 27, 1960

Right Worshipful Frank Warton Kaan, Past Senior Grand Warden, died at his home in Somerville, Massachusetts, on October 27, 1960, at the age of ninety-nine years.

He was born in Medford, Massachusetts, on September 11, 1861, received his early education in the public schools of somerville, where he remained a life-long resident. He received his A.B. Degree from Harvard in 1883, Master's Degree there in 1888, and also graduated from the Law School with an LL.B. Degree the same year. He served in various city offices in the City of Somerville and in the House of Representatives of the Massachusetts Legislature in 1895 and 1896 and was city solicitor of somerville for more than thirty years. He brought honor and dignity to each of these positions by his integrity in public office and by his unselfish devotion to every public commitment. He gave generously of his time, energy and substance in ministering to the needs of others. He was a director of many charitable organizations and ably served as treasurer of the Home for Aged Women in Boston for twenty-six years.

Following his graduation from Harvard, he taught in high schools at Buffalo, New York, and Waltham, Massachusetts, for two years, and in 1887, opened a law office in Boston, which he carried on until 1954. Thereafter, he continued his practice from his home. At the time of his death, he was the oldest living graduate of Harvard Law School and the second oldest living graduate of Harvard College.

His Masonic record is as follows:
He received the Entered Apprentice Degree December 2, 1884; the Fellow Craft Degree January 6, 1885; and Master Mason Degree February 3, 1885; all in John Abbot Lodge in Somerville. He became Worshipful Master of that Lodge and served as such during the years 1891 and 1893. He was also Trustee of the Masonic Apartments in Somerville. He was appointed Grand Lecturer of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts and served four years in that capacity, from 1894 to 1897. He was elected Senior Grand Warden in 1898, and in 1900, became a member of the Board of Commissioners of Trials, serving in that capacity until 1916. He was a recipient of the Henry Price Medal in 1899 and the Veteran's Medal in 1935, He received the Royal Arch Degree in Somerville Chapter, R.A.M., on January 12,1892.

His Masonry and his Masonic experiences were a great source of comfort in his life. In his six years of retirement he frequently talked about these and particularly of traveling around the state as one of the two Grand Lecturers. Although he had no children, by his example he inspired two nephews and a grand-nephew to become Masters of their respective Lodges. At the age of ninety-seven, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of John Abbot Lodge, Right Worshipful Bro. Kaan took great pleasure in writing an address to the Lodge and delivering it by means of a tape recording.

He was an able and conscientious lawyer, with the respect and esteem of all who had the privilege of knowing him. A gentleman of the old school, with keen insight into all legal problems coming before him, he was loved and respected by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance.

Fraternally submitted,
Claude L. Allen
Francis W. K. Smith
Winthrop S. Polsey

Distinguished Brothers