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EDMUND S. YOUNG 1855-1940

Junior Grand Steward, 1912
Junior Grand Warden, 1918


From Proceedings, Page 1940-32:

Right Worshipful Brother Young was born in Boston December 5, 1855, and died there January 20, 1940.

Right Worshipful Brother Young was educated in the Boston public schools and at the Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, New York. He returned to Boston on graduation and took up the practice of medicine, which he followed all his life. In 1893 he was appointed medical examiner for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and continued in that position until the infirmities of advancing years compelled him to resign.

He became a member of Zetland Lodge in 1890 and was its Master in 1910-1911. He was a Charter member of Shawmut Lodge and served it for many years as Chaplain. He served in the Grand Lodge as Junior Grand Steward in 1912, as District Deputv Grand Master for the Second Masonic District in 1914 and 1915, by appointment of Most Worshipful Melvin M. Johnson, and as Junior Grand Warden in 1918. He was $ecretary of the Board of Masonic Relief from 1974 to 1931.

Right Worshipful Brother Young was one whose unfailing sweetness of temper made him hosts of friends. He passes, full of years and honors, leaving a memory which will long remain.

From Proceedings, Page 1940-189:

Born at Boston, December 5, 1855. Died at Boston, January 20, 1940. There on this day passed one of the older school of gentleman and Mason.

Through the long years of his Masonic life he has hewn strictly to the lines laid down in the sound principles of the Craft. He was the devoted and loyal servant of more than one Lodge and his wise judgment, counsel, and special ability in diagnosis made him invaluable to the Board of Masonic Relief. Since he acquired the constitutional privilege of a seat in Grand Lodge he has been a constant and loyal attendant and although many of his close friends of the older regime have passed away, he kept himself young by his ability to form close friendships with younger men. Only within the year has his strength failed him to the extent of absenting himself from Grand Lodge. He was a modest, kindly and unassuming man, never forcing his opinion upon others but by his example and quiet manner probably exerted a greater force than that of the assertive man.

Right Wor. Bro. Young's Masonic services were not of the spectacular character. Serving his Lodge as Master, his District as District Deputy Grand Master, and recognized by the Fraternity in his election as Grand Warden, he did not rest on those laurels but continued his work by serving as Chaplain of two Lodges and as Clerk of the Board of Masonic Relief from the day of its organization until he resigned a few years ago, giving as his reason, the advance of years.

In Grand Lodge he served importantly as Chairman of the Committee on the revision of the Masonic Burial Service. This revision, adopted in Grand Lodger_is in use today. His unusual medical. experience as examiner for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, equipped him with a skill in diagnosis which made him invaluable to the Board of Masonic Relief as Medical Examiner, a position which he held as long as his health permitted.

Right Wor. Bro. Young was educated in the Boston Public Schools, graduating from the Boston Latin High School. After a brief interval of commercial life, he received his medical education, at the Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, New York. After a short period of practice in Athol, Mass., he returned to Boston and continued the practice of medicine and was appointed medical examiner for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in 1893. His expertness in diagnosis made him a valuable factor on the Insurance Company staff, and resulted in his gradual retirement from private practice. He served the Insurance Company in this important position until comparatively recent years, when he retired on account of age.

He was a lover of good books and good plays and was familiar with the work of the great actors of generations past. He was very fond of the sea and for a brief period in his early life saw some service in coastwise vessels. His tastes were simple and he enjoyed his retirement from active life. He once said "I have no understanding of men who are unhappy in retirement. To me it is a well-earned vacation. I find the proverbial 'chimney corner' a very comfortable place."

His family consists of his wife, a married daughter and a son. He became a member of Zetland Lodge of Boston on June 6, 1890 and was its Worshipful Master in 1910-1911. In Grand Lodge he filled the office of Junior Grand Steward in 1912 and was District Deputy Grand Master of the 2nd Masonic District in 1914-1915, and in 1918 was elected Junior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge.

He became a Charter Member of Shawmut Lodge in 1912 and served as its Chaplain continuously.

He received the Capitular Degrees in St. Paul's Royal Arch Chapter of Boston in 1915. In Grand Lodge he was Chairman of the Committee on Returns and also Chairman of the Committee on the Revision of the Burial Service.

He served as Clerk of the Board of Masonic Relief from its organization in 1914 until December 1931, when he insisted upon resigning on account of age. He continued to serve as medical examiner for the Board of Relief, however, until a very recent date.

His funeral ceremonies were conducted by a large joint delegation from Zetland and Shawmut Lodges at the Crematory Chapel at Forest Hills Cemetery, Boston.

Thus has passed from our ken Ned Young, that kindly, friendly, unassuming gentleman of the old school, and a loyal and devoted Freemason. His life has been a shining example to those of his own generation, and must have exercised a great influence upon the lives of his younger friends who hold him in high regard and deep affection.

Now the laborer's task is o'er;
Now the battle day is past;
Now upon the farther shore
Lands the voyager at last.
Father, in Thy gracious keeping
Leave we now Thy servant sleeping.

Respectfully submitted
Arthur D. Prince
Robert T. Sanford

Distinguished Brothers