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Senior Grand Warden, 1880


From Proceedings, Page 1887-161:

Charles Wingate Moody, the elder son of Silas and Mary Jane Moody, was born in Dover, N.H., January 23, 1838. After completing, in a most creditable manner, a course in the public schools of Dover, he attended Atkinson. Acadenry, of Atkinson, N.H., from which he graduated at the head of his class, being especially distinguished in mathematics. He was the acknowledged leader in all the sports incident to school life, and was a general favorite both with his teachers and associates.

He came to Worcester, Mass., in 1862, and entered the employ of F. A. Clapp & Co., hatters, whom he served faithfully as clerk for seven years. In 1869 he was admitted to partnership, and was connected with them in the business until 1877. The venture not proving a success financially, he retired from the business, and has since been connected with Lawson, Crane, & Douglass, brokers in Boston, and with Dwight Sumner, dealer in wool waste, in Worcester, with the latter of whom he was engaged at the time of his decease. He was married August 6, 1866, to Mary A. Moody, daughter of Edwin and Nancy Moody. The widow and four daughters mourn the loss of an ever-kind husband and affectionate father.

Though taking at all times a deep interest in the political affairs of Nation, State and City, as is the right and duty of every good citizen, yet, following as he did the private walks of life, neither seeking nor holding public office, nothing of a public nature marked the career of our deceased Brother.

From his first entrance into Masonry, the record of his Masonic life shows the deep interest and love he had for the Institution; and a simple recital of his faithful services is our best tribute to his memory. He received the degrees of Symbolic Masonry in Montacute Lodge in 1864; that of Entered Apprentice May, 24, Fellow Craft September 16, and Master Mason October 11. In 1866 he was appointed Junior Steward; 1867 Junior Deacon; 1868 Senior Deacon; and in 1869 and 1870 was elected Junior Warden. He was elected Senior Warden in 1871, and in 1872 Worshipful Master. He was appointed R.W. District Deputy Grand Master of the 11th Masonic District in the Fall of 1875, and was reappointed in December of that year, in 1876, 1877 and 1878.

"In 1879. he was elected Senior Grand Warden of this Most Worshipful Grand Lodge, constituting him a Permanent Member. He was exalted a Royal Arch Mason in Worcester Royal Arch Chapter, July 26, 1867. He was a charter member of Eureka R.A. Chapter, and was its Excellent King in 1883-4. He received the Cryptic Degrees in Hiram Council of R. & S. Masters, Jan. 30, 1873; was created and dubbed a Knight Templar in Worcester Co. Commandery, May 30, 1869, and was elected its Senior Warden in 1876. He received the A. & A. Scottish Rite Degrees from fourth to fourteenth, in Worcester Lodge of Perfection, Jan. 30, 1868; was elected its Grand Secretary in 1875, and held that office at the time of his death.

"Possessing in an eminent degree a voice and faculty for rendering the beautiful ritual of our Order in a dignified and forcible manner, the favorable impressions of our Institution, at his conferring of the degrees in the Lodge, were deep and lasting upon the mind of the recipient; while, by his earnest and impressive manner the ceremonies of installation, which he as. D.D. Grand Master was so often called upon to perform, never failed to impress upon the minds of those it was his privilege to install in office a feeling of the importance of the duty they owed to Masonry and the Lodge.

"As D.D. Grand Master of the 11th Masonic District; during the four years he held the office, the faithful, conscientious performance of its duties, the interest he manifested in the welfare of the Lodges under his care, and his efforts and labors to improve their condition, the zeal and assiduity with which he at all times supported the Grand Master, and the fidelity and watchful care for the interests of the M.W. Grand Lodge, merited the honor conferred upon him in his election as its Senior Grand Warden. His genial, social, and entertaining manner, and his entering with his whole heart into the fraternal good feeling on occasions of social intercourse with which the Lodges greeted him at his official visits, rendered his acquaintance with the Brethren of Worcester County extensive and of a pleasant nature. The news of his sudden, though not unexpected death, fell with a sense of almost personal bereavement upon the large circle of friends and Brothers whose pleasure it had been to meet and know him. Though in failing health for over two years, yet not until July of this year did he give up business.

"During his illness he cherished those hopes with which consumption always deludes its victims, and was confident of recovery; but the inexorable summons had gone forth, and at his residence in Worcester, on Saturday, Oct. 9, 1887, he passed peacefully away, in the prime of manhood and in the hope of a glorious immortality.

"By the death of Right Worshipful Charles W. Moody this Most Worshipful Grand Lodge mourns the loss of an honored and esteemed member and Brother; one who was a zealous, earnest Mason, a kind and affectionate husband and father, a generous, warm-hearted companion and a faithful friend."

Respectfully submitted,

Distinguished Brothers