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  • MM 1825, Rural
  • Grand Chaplain 1828-1830


From Proceedings, Page 1873-278:

REV. BENJAMIN CLARKE CUTLER, D.D., QUINCY, Episcopalian. 1828-1830.

REV. BENJAMIN CLARKE CUTLER, D.D., was born in Roxbury, Mass., Feb. 6, 1798, and died at Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 10, 1863. He graduated at Brown University in 1822;, was ordained in November, 1822; and was settled in Quincy seven years. He spent the winter of 1830 in Savannah; was rector of Leesburg parish about a year; in 1832 took charge of the first city mission of the Episcopal Church in New York; was rector of St. Ann's, Brooklyn, from April, 1833, to the time of his death. He published Century Sermon, Christ Church, Quincy, Ms., 1828; Twenty-one Parochial Sermons, Phila., 12 mo, 1857; also many other discourses, sermons, tracts, etc. — Drake.

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