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Location: Crown Point, New York

Chartered By: Jeremy Gridley

Charter Date: 03/20/1762 I-91

Precedence Date: 03/20/1762

Current Status: unknown; lapsed.


According to Moore's Freemason's Monthly, Vol. III, No. 5, March, 1844, Page 162:

"In 1762, a Dispensation was granted to Col. Joseph Ingersoll to hold a Lodge at Crown Point.

Ingersoll was later the proprietor of Boston's Bunch of Grapes Tavern from 1764 to 1772.

From Proceedings, I-91, following the 06/24/1764 Feast of St. John:

To the Right Worshipful Colonel Jeremy Gridley, Provincial Grand Master of Masons, for North America, &c. &c. &c.

We the undermention'd the Master Wardens & Members of Lodge N° 7. from New York of Free and Accepted Mason's, held in his Majesty's 55th Regiment of Foot, Assembled in due Form, and having nothing more at heart, than the Advancement and well being of the Craft, do hereby recommend the following Brethren of the Provincial Troops now lying at Crown Point, as highly worthy of Authority from your Worship, for holding a Lodge at Crown Point, or in the Colony of Connecticutt, their Skill and knowledge in Masonry, We are fully Satisfied with, they having Ardently applied to us to be Tried and Recommended.

  • Lieut. Daniel Moulton
  • Lieut. Samuel Mott
  • Docr. Phillip Turner.

Master Masons of our Lodge.
Together with nine other Brethren belonging to said Troops. Your Worships Compliance with this their Ardent desire, and their Prudent Management, We sincerly believe, will contribute to the Honour and Advancement of the Royal Craft.

  • JAMES WILLSON Secretary
  • ALEXR. DUNCAN, Master of N° 195 from Ireland, Roy1 Artillery

P. S. The inclosed Bill is left Blank on Purpose, that the Grand Secretary may insert the Charges, and Receive the Same from the Gentleman on whom it is drawn. The Warrant may be inclosed by way of a Packet, Seal'd and directed to Cap4 John Nixon, Commanding the Massachusetts Troops at Crown Point.

Crown Point, 5th March 1762.

NB. It doth not appear that any Deputation was ever Granted in Consequence of the above Application, or any Money received by Virtue of the Bill above mentioned. But rather that a Deputation was Given to Col Joseph Ingersoll to hold a Lodge there, in lieu thereof.


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