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Location: Copiapo, Chile; Caldera, Chile (1869)

Chartered By: John T. Heard

Charter Date: 12/14/1859

Precedence Date: 12/15/1857

Current Status: unknown; gone by 1877


In the committee report on Grand Master William Sewall Gardner's address presented in September 1869, the lodge is described as having come "to a stand still, not having done any work for a long time, it being impossible for the members to meet in sufficient numbers. The committee recommended that the lodge be permitted to remove to Caldera, the port of Copiapo. (Page VII-378)

In September 1877, the Grand Master reported that "the Charter of Hiram Lodge, of Copiapo, Chili [sic], which had ceased to exist, had been forwarded by Rev. Dr. Trumbull, District Deputy for Chili, and had placed upon the archives of the Grand Lodge." (Page 1877-205)


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From Proceedings, Page 1953-273:

"In June, 1857, a petition was presented to Bethesda Lodge asking for recommendation to open Ward Lodge in Tongoy, but same was not supported, being considered premature. In September, 1857, a similar petition was received for the opening of Hiram Lodge at Copiapo, which was put forward and duly authorized by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Massachusetts on December 15, 1857, and Charter granted December 14, 1859. In April 1869, owing to difficulties of meeting in sufficient numbers, this Lodge requested to be removed to the Port of Caldera, which was granted by Grand Lodge on September 2, 1869, but even then it does not seem to have been successful because there is no record of it in Grand Lodge Proceedings after 1871, and in September 1877 the Recording Grand Secretary reported that the Charter of Hiram Lodge of Copiapo, Chile, which had ceased to exist, had been forwarded by Rev. Dr. Trumbull, District Deputy for Chile, and had been placed among the archives of the Grand Lodge."


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