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Location: Western (Warren)

Chartered By: John Abbot

Charter Date: 09/08/1824 III-506

Precedence Date: 09/08/1824

Current Status: unknown. Last record in 1829.


  • Emery Willard, 1824
  • Lander P. Lovell, 1825
  • Daniel Holt, 1826


  • Petition For Charter: 1824


  • 1908 (references in historical address for Quaboag Lodge, 1908-43; see below)
  • 1958 (references in the early history of Quaboag Lodge, 1958-65; see below)


From Proceedings, Page 1908-43:

The beginning of recognized Masonry in Warren may be dated back to the year 1825, when a warrant was issued by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, by virtue of which Carmel Lodge was instituted in the town of Western, now known as Warren. The officers installed at that time, so far as record shows, were Lander P. Lovell, Worshipful Master; Benjamin Anthony, Senior Warden; and Joseph Rue, Junior Warden.


From Proceedings, Page 1958-65:

On September 8, 1824, at the Quarterly Communication of the Grand Lodge, a petition of Jacob Mansfield and others, praying for a charter for a Lodge to be named Carmel Lodge, to be located in the Town of Western, was presented and referred to R. W. James A. Dickerson, R. W. Joseph Eveleth and R. W. Elias Haskell.

The first meeting under dispensation was held September 24, 1824. The following officers were chosen and officiated: R.W. Emery Willard, Master; Wor. Jonathan Bush, Senior Warden; Wor. Daniel Hitchcock, Junior Warden; Bro. Chester Powers, Treasurer; Bro. James S. Davis, Secretary; Bro. James Williams, Senior Deacon; Bro. Thomas Cutler, Junior Deacon. At this meeting a petition for the degrees was received from Daniel Holt. Carmel Lodge was constituted on July 4, 1825, and the officers were installed by R. W. Joseph Thayer, District Deputy Grand Master of the 6th Masonic District.

The short history of Carmel Lodge was apparently one of struggles and many misfortunes. The first Master, Emery Willard, became ill soon after the first meeting and passed away before the next meeting. The records show that the Treasurer, Chester Powers, advanced money from time to time and was reimbursed January 21, 1829. Carmel Lodge finally succumbed to the anti-Masonic movement and surrendered its charter, after being in existence for a period of approximately five years.

That there was a direct connection between Carmel Lodge and Quaboag Lodge is evidenced by the fact that four members of Carmel Lodge were later among the charter members of Quaboag Lodge. These were Brothers Shepard Ellis, Dwight Ellis, Franklin Drury and John Tyler. A hand-written set of by-laws of Carmel Lodge, which are believed to be the original by-laws with signatures of members, is in possession of Quaboag Lodge.

It seems that our earlier Brethren believed that meetings should start promptly, and we find one section of the by-laws providing fines for being late. If the officers were not in their stations within fifteen minutes of the appointed time, they were fined as follows: Master, fifty cents; Senior Warden, thirty-seven and one-half cents; Junior Warden, twenty-five cents. The Secretary was required to record such fines and be the judge as to the time. In case of dispute, a vote of those present was taken.


  • 1825 (constitution of Lodge; III-581)
  • 1828 (report of delinquency; IV-146)
  • 1829 (report of delinquency; IV-170)

after surrender of charter

  • 1874 (presentation of records and a diploma, 1874-91)



From Masonic Mirror and Mechanics' Intelligencer, Vol. II, No. 25, June 1826, Page 193:

Officers of Carmel Lodge, Western, for the current year:

  • Bro. Daniel Holt, W. M.
  • Bro. Jona. Bush, S. W.
  • Bro. Ja's S. Davis, J. W.
  • Bro. Chester Powers, Treas.
  • Bro. Edmund Mayo, Sec'y.
  • Bro. Cyrus Hutchins, S. Dea.
  • Bro. Tho's. Patrick, J. Dea.
  • Bro. Dwight Ellis, S. Stew.
  • Bro. Benj. H. Williams, J. Stew.
  • Bro. Joseph H. Patrick, Chaplain.
  • Bro. Joseph Pepper, Tyler.


1824: District 6


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