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From Proceedings, Page 1873-230:

REV. CHEEVER FELCH, U. S. NAVY, Episcopalian. 1820.

He was also Corresponding Secretary of the Grand Lodge in 1821.

Exct. and Rev. Companion Felch was born in Royalston, Mass., Feb. 27, 1788. His parents were pious, virtuous, and lovers of useful learning. They moved to Reading, Vt., in 1791. Cheever learned the trade of printer in the office of the Rutland Herald, and in 1807-8-9 published and edited the Farmer's Museum, in Walpole, N. H. In 1810 he commenced the study of divinity, under the Rt. Rev. Bishop of the Eastern Diocese; and in 1812 was appointed a Chaplain in the U. S. Navy. In 1821 Brown's University conferred upon him the honorary degree of A.M. In the navy, Mr. Felch's services were extensively useful, and often arduous. He organized and maintained, against many obstacles, a system for the better education of our midshipmen. Beyond instructing them, he was employed from 1816, on surveys of our coasts and harbors, from Maine to Florida. Government also entrusted him with the examination of midshipmen for promotion. For some years he was on the Boston station. He received the Royal Arch Degree, Oct. 30, 1816, in St. Andrew's Chapter, and was one of the petitioners for the charter of St. Paul's Chapter, and was chosen Scribe at its first meeting, Dec. 18, 1818, which office he held for one year.

He was Grand Chaplain to the Grand Lodge of Mass. in 1821, and its Corresponding Grand Secretary in 1822. In 1825 he left the navy; next year he established in New York the paper called Coram's Champion; and died in that city in March, 1827, aged 39 years. He left a widow and six daughters. Many circumstances of his life were remarkable and fraught with instruction. Essays from his pen have been published in numerous papers. His Report relative to the Survey of George's Shoals may be found in Blunt's Coast Pilot. A memoir on the subject of a Ship Canal through the Isthmus of Florida is preserved in the Mechanic Magazine for 1826. Other articles are in the Champion, National Advocate and elsewhere, sometimes signed Coram.
.— Biographical Sketches of distinguished members of St. Paul's Royal Arch Chapter, 1861.

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