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Location: Malden

Chartered By: Henry Endicott

Charter Date: 12/14/1887 1887-168

Precedence Date: 01/11/1887

Current Status: Active


From the lodge's website: The first meeting of Converse Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons was held in the Masonic Hall in Malden, on January 13, 1887.

Previous to which, fifty six Master Masons in good standing as members of other lodges had petitioned the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts to form a lodge. Wor. Frederic J. Foss, the fourth Master of Mount Vernon Lodge of Malden, was selected the first Worshipful Master, or presiding officer, with Brother George E. Norris as Senior Warden, and Brother Edward F. Smith as Junior Warden.

According to records, the question of the lodge’s name elicited considerable discussion. Wanalansett and Joppa were suggested, but neither was satisfactory. It was finally voted that Converse be adopted as the name of the new lodge. This was in recognition of Brother Elisha Slade Converse, generally known as “Deacon Converse”, who was recognized as a leading citizen of Malden. His rubber footwear factory was then the largest industrial establishment in the community. He was a motivating spirit in civic, religious, and benevolent enterprises, and the living embodiment of Masonic virtues.

At the 50th anniversary of Converse Lodge in 1937, it was written that “the number of candidates has shown gradual decline in recent years under prevailing economic conditions, which have been particularly acute since 1930, but now appear to be improving. The peak of membership was reached in 1925 with nine hundred and forty three members, since which time the number has decreased to seven hundred and sixty seven.”

As Masters of the lodge have served and moved on, the first fifty years saw the lodge having only three treasurers and two secretaries be of service.

Eleven times since its inception, the Most Worshipful Grand Master has honored our lodge by appointing a Past Master as District Deputy Grand Master. They are Rt. Wor. Arthur W. Walker, Rt. Wor. Harry P. Ballard, Rt. Wor. Charles S. Norris, Rt. Wor. Charles M. Proctor, Rt. Wor. William E. Wellington, Rt. Wor. Ernest R. Potter, Rt. Wor. Harold E. Fiske, Rt. Wor. Ed P. Hamilton, Rt. Wor. W. Howard Moller, Sr., Rt. Wor. Andrew C. Maninos, and Rt. Wor. Harlan L. Woods, Jr.

It was written in 1937 that throughout its career, Converse Lodge has been known for its sociability. That tradition continues today.

On Wednesday, September 23, 2009 Converse Lodge merged with Mt. Scopus Lodge. Mount Scopus Lodge was founded on December 10, 1930 in Malden.

Lodge Address 142 Pleasant Street Malden, Middlesex 02148 Contact Information George G. Sahady, Masonic Ambassador 781.324.1408 Meeting Information The second Monday of each month between September and June.


Need living PMs list

  • Frederic J. Foss, 1887-1890
  • Joseph W. Saunders, 1891-1892
  • Arthur W. Walker, 1893-1894; Mem
  • Andrew J. Freeman, 1895
  • Edmund S. Wellington, 1896-1897
  • William J. Hobbs, 1898
  • C. Henry Knapp, 1899-1900
  • Harry P. Ballard, 1901-1902
  • Charles R. Magee, 1903-1904
  • Charles S. Norris, 1905-1906; Mem
  • Frank S. Arnold, 1907-1908
  • Clarence W. Clark, 1908-1909
  • Willis I. Foss, 1910-1912
  • Alvin F. Pease, 1913-1914
  • Arthur P. Hardy, 1915-1916,
  • Charles M. Proctor, 1917-1918
  • Alton W. Eldridge, 1919-1920
  • Edward S. King, 1921
  • Percy E. Wellington, 1922
  • William E. Wellington, 1923; N
  • Arthur J. Plummer, 1924
  • Walter E. Miliken, 1925
  • Philip L. Wheeler, 1926
  • Percy H. Wilkens, 1927
  • Richard Harwick, 1928
  • Albert W. Lovejoy, 1929
  • Wilbert C. Hodgdon, 1930
  • Theodore H. vonKamecke, 1931
  • Albert P. Ballard, 1932
  • Dusting G. Cressy, 1933
  • Alfred N. McLean, 1934
  • Ernest R. Potter, 1935; N
  • Charles W. Barrett, 1936
  • Harry E. Holmes, 1937
  • Clayton A. Sawyer, 1938
  • Paul W. Milliken, 1939
  • Walter F. Lowes, 1940
  • Paul H. Newth, 1941
  • Harold E. Fiske, 1942; N
  • Walter N. Benson, 1943
  • Elmer B. Chesley, 1944
  • Merwin K. Fox, 1945
  • Stanley Harding, 1946
  • George D. Tucker, 1947
  • Ralph P. Richardson, 1948
  • E. A. True Bengtz, 1949
  • Harry F. Smith, 1950
  • Earle H. Tingley, 1951
  • Earle D. Benson, 1952
  • Clarence A. Sawyer, 1953
  • Erling C. Wettre, 1954
  • Kenneth C. Colvin, 1955
  • Ed P. Hamilton, 1956
  • Robert E. Tingdahl, 1957
  • W. Howard Moller, Sr., 1958
  • Roger G. Sweetser, 1959
  • Warren J. Mosher, 1960
  • William F. Croteau, 1961
  • Floyd P. Leavitt, 1962
  • Harry E. Adrian, 1963
  • Kenneth W. Sprague, 1964
  • Leonard H. Ward, 1965
  • J. Clark Fowle, 1966
  • Roger G. Wilmot, 1967
  • Sumner L. Sherman, 1968
  • Roy H. Milligan, Jr., 1969
  • W. Howard Moller, Jr., 1970; N
  • Robert L. Jeffrey, 1971
  • William W. Fowle, 1972
  • Stephen H. Peterson, 1973
  • George A. Morey, Jr., 1974
  • Charles C. Bennett, 1975
  • Andrew C. Maninos, 1976, 1979, 2000; PDDGM
  • Allan F. Ray, 1977
  • Frank M. Fowle, 1978
  • Isithoros Rozakis, 1980
  • James D. Foss, 1981, 1991
  • LeGrant C. Stanley, 1982
  • Eugene A. Capobianco, 1983
  • Theodore H. vonKamecke, Jr., 1984
  • Milton S. Alexis, 1985
  • Joseph C. Bowman, 1986
  • Kenneth W. Sprague, Jr., 1987, 1989; PDDGM
  • Harold G. Schofield, 1988
  • Richard A. Singer, 1990
  • Thomas J. Seeley, Jr., 1992
  • August S. Niewenhous, 1993, 2001, 2004, 2010
  • Robert F. Harding, III, 1995-1996
  • LeGrant C. Stanley, 1997-1998
  • Donald C. Smith, 1999
  • Stephen G. Miller, 2002
  • Robert J. Garbarino, 2003
  • Harlan L. Woods, Jr., 2005; PDDGM
  • Jaythomas J. Brown, 2006
  • Keith D. Pollman, 2007
  • William A. Pollman, 2008
  • Kamel Oussayef, 2009



  • 1912 (25th Anniversary; not in Proceedings; see below)
  • 1962 (75th Anniversary)
  • 1987 (Centenary)



1892 1897 1907 1911 1912 1919 1925 1926 1930 1937 1939 1941 1957 1967 1976 1988 2011 2012


1982 (mention in the 125th Anniversary History of Mount Vernon Lodge, 1982-125)


  • 1889 (Jurisdictional dispute)
  • 1937 (Reduction of fees)
  • 1941 (Reduction of fees, declined)



From New England Craftsman, Vol. VII, No. 5, February 1912, Page 171:

Converse Lodge, Maiden, Mass., celebrated its silver jubilee, January 11th, with a banquet and dance. Grand Master Everett C. Benton with Mrs. Benton were the most prominent guests. There were also Past Grand Masters J. Albert Blake and Dana J. Flanders and other distinguished brethren. There were 500 at the tables. Wor. Willis I. Foss presided at the banquet. The entertainment was by an orchestra, vocal quartet, and recitations from Miss E. Knapp.


From New England Craftsman, Vol. XIII, No. 1, October 1917, Page 431:

The 500th Communication of Converse Lodge, Malden, Mass., October 2, was set apart by Worshipful Master Charles M. Proctor to do special honor to the surviving charter members, of whom there are 17. There were about 60 in the list at the founding of the lodge 30 years ago.

The lodge honor roll was read, showing that 22 of Converse's membership are in the United States service. District Deputy Grand Master Charles S. Norris presented, on behalf of the Grand Master, a Henry Price Medal to Edward P. Pierce, who joined Monmouth Lodge in Maine a half century ago.

Charles R. Magee was spokesman for the 17 charter members and acknowledged the welcome accorded by ths lodge. The others are Past Grand Master Dana J. Flanders, Past Masters George H. Bates, George E. Norris and Granville M. Thomas, Solon M. Allis, Marcus Beebe, John G. Chandler, Allan J. Chase, Eliphalet J. Foss, George W. Longley, Andrew C. McDonald, Hiram P. Whitehouse, Walter B. Whitney, Frank J. Bartlett, Elisha W. Cobb and Marcellus Coggan.

The master presented a silver-handled pocket knife to each of the charter members as a souvenir.




1887: District 7 (Lynn)

1911: District 7 (Malden)

1927: District 7 (Melrose)

2003: District 4


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