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Location: Quincy

Chartered By: Arthur D. Prince

Charter Date: 09/08/1920 1920-275

Precedence Date: 12/08/1919

Current Status: merged with Manet Lodge to form Theodore Roosevelt-Manet Lodge, 06/13/1979.


  • Carroll E. Bates, 1919, 1920
  • Osma L. Sumner, 1921
  • Rutherford E. Bailey, 1922
  • Frank L. Cushing, 1924; N
  • Frank A. Smith, 1925
  • Leonard H. Payne, 1926
  • George H. Bell, Jr., 1927
  • Willis C. Witte, 1928
  • Donald I. MacKay, 1929
  • Amos C. Bartlett, 1930
  • Guy L. Harden, 1931
  • Everett E. Weatherbee, 1932, 1933; SN
  • David McIntyre, 1934
  • S. Horace Ripley, 1935
  • Charles H. Allard, 1936
  • George J. Marr, 1937
  • Harry Atherton, 1938
  • Alan R. Millen, 1939
  • Irving G. McKenna, 1940
  • Wilbur F. Weeks, 1941
  • Raymond C. Cassidy, 1942
  • Bertill W. Johnson, 1943
  • Herbert W. Hatch, 1944, 1945
  • Frank S. Treco, 1946; N
  • Lawrence G. Peterson, 1947
  • L. Dagfinn Jorgensen, 1948
  • Earle E. Bentley, 1949
  • William B. Lamprey, 1950
  • Edward N. Lee, 1951
  • Virgil LeRoy Snell, 1952
  • Carl B. Peterson, 1953
  • Curtis W. Millen, 1954
  • Stephen O. Holt, 1955
  • Alexander M. Gibson, 1956
  • Jack A. MacCracken, 1957
  • Clifford B. Millard, 1958
  • Franklin G. Willard, 1959
  • William A. Gustafson, 1960
  • Kenneth L. Newbury, 1961
  • Warren A. Hubley, 1962
  • Robert G. Scott, 1963
  • Wade M. Burnhauser, 1964
  • Harry T. Byorkman, 1965
  • Robert W. Mitchell, 1966
  • R. Donald Thompson, Jr., 1967
  • Stanley G. Dingwell, 1968
  • Edwin F. Barton, 1969
  • Donald E. Peterson, 1970
  • Addison H. Hathaway, 1971
  • David L. Esancy, 1972
  • Edward H. White, 1973
  • Charles R. Birnie, 1974
  • Earle E. Bentley, 1975
  • Robert A. Peterson, 1976, 1978, 1979
  • Stewart F. Webb, 1977


  • Petition for Dispensation: 1919
  • Petition for Charter: 1920
  • Consolidation Petition (with Manet Lodge): 1979


  • 1944 (25th Anniversary)
  • 1970 (50th Anniversary)



1921 1927 1929 1933 1949 1973 1979


  • 1944 (25th Anniversary History, 1944-286)


From Proceedings, Page 1944-286:

By Right Worshipful Frank L. Cushing.

Twenty-five years ago tonight Theodore Roosevelt Lodge, A.F. & A.M., was instituted, and as we gather to celebrate our twenty-fifth birthday, it is fitting that we should turn back the pages of our records and review the story of our institution and events that have transpired since that time.

In the period just before and during the first World War, the community of Wollaston had grown rapidly and many of the men who had located there held membership in Masonic Lodges located far and wide. The thought of bringing these Masons together, gave rise to the idea of forming a new Masonic Lodge. While the idea was discussed informally by small groups for some months, it did not take definite form until October 8, 1919, when several interested Brothers met and formed a temporary organization. Brother James E. Harcourt was selected as Chairman and Brother Walter P. Evans as Secretary. The selection of Brother Harcourt proved to be an excellent one, as he was a fine organizer, and under his leadership, the plans for the new Lodge took shape rapidly.

None can deny that Brother James E. Harcourt is the real daddy of this Lodge. At this meeting committees were appointed to make inquiry into the necessary procedure towards securing a dispensation and to make an investigation regarding available meeting places.

One week later, October 15, 1919, these Brethren met again. Brother Frank A. Baker reported that he had presented the idea of forming a new Lodge to the Grand Master, Most Worshipful Leon M. Abbott, who had expressed himself as being very favorable to the idea and suggested that the petition for a dispensation be presented to the District Deputy Grand Master for the 26th District. Brother James E. Harcourt reported that he had contacted the District Deputy Right Worshipful H. Everett Crane, and found that he was very favorably disposed towards the formation of the new Lodge.

The committee appointed to investigate the matter of a meeting place, reported that they had met with representatives of the Wollaston Masonic Temple Association, had been very cordially received and felt that satisfactory arrangements could be made so that the new Lodge could hold its meetings in the Wollaston Masonic Temple. They were also given permission to hold future organization meetings in the smoking room of the Temple.

Taking advantage of this offer, forty-five interested Masons met in the smoking room of the Temple on October 24, 1919. The matter of a name for the new Lodge was taken up and several were suggested before Brother Frank A. Baker suggested that of Theodore Roosevelt, the great American who had passed away earlier in the year. The suggestion met with instant favor, all other names were withdrawn and that of Theodore Roosevelt was unanimously adopted.

Nominations were made for the first three officers and the following Brethren were unanimously elected. {No names appear here?}

Worshipful Hugh H. Ralph, Master of Wollaston Lodge, who had graciously donated the use of the regalia of his Lodge for this occasion, spoke briefly, pledging the new Lodge the hearty cooperation and support of Wollaston Lodge. The Lodge then voted to hold its regular communications on the fourth Friday of each month.

Twenty-four applications for the degrees were received at this first meeting. There were seventy-nine Charter Members and forty-nine visitors present.

At the second regular communication on January 20, 1920, the Lodge worked a degree for the first time, conferring the Entered Apprentice Degree on the first five candidates who had been elected. These same candidates received the Fellow Craft Degree on February 20, 1920.

At the regular communication of March 26, 1920, the Master Mason Degree was conferred for the first time in this Lodge and the five candidates were raised, as follows:

  • John Elliott Bowker, by Wor. Carroll E. Bates.
  • Willis Calhoun Witte, by R.W. Edward N. West, Senior Grand Warden.
  • Ivan Alexander Chisholm, by R.W. Charles G. Jordan, Past District Deputy Grand Master.
  • Fred Whitney Allen, by Wor. Arthur N. Dodge, Senior Warden.
  • Frederick Otis Wadsworth, by Wor. Carroll E. Bates.

By vote of the Lodge, the following Resolutions were drawn up by a committee composed of Worshipful Lawrence H. Rhodes and Brothers Chester I. Campbell and Walter E. Currier, to be sent to the family of the late Theodore Roosevelt:

Instituted December 19, 1919
Theodore Roosevelt Lodge, U.D., A.F. & A.M.
Wollaston, Massachusetts

Whereas, one hundred and two members of the Masonic Fraternity, petitioners for a new Lodge of Masons, to be located in that part of the City of Quincy known as Wollaston, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, met and organized on the evening of December nineteenth, one thousand nine hundred and nineteen, Under Dispensation granted by the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, to be known as

Theodore Roosevelt Lodge
Ancient Free and Accepted Masons

Therefore be it Resolved That the members of this Lodge extend cordial good wishes and greetings to the family and expressions of fraternal love to the sons of our late Illustrious Brother Theodore Roosevelt whose memory we shall always cherish and whose name will always be a reminder of a fine ideal of true American manhood. It was unanimously voted that these Resolutions be adopted, spread in full upon the Records of the Lodge and a copy forwarded to the widow and sons of our late beloved Brother.

The Resolutions were signed by:
Carroll E. Bates, Worshipful Master; Arthur N. Dodge, Senior Warden; Osma L. Sumner, Junior Warden; James E. Vernon Harcourt, Treasurer; Walter P. Evans, Secretary; Lawrence H. Rhodes; Chester I. Campbell; Walter E. Currier, Committee.

The following acknowledgment was later received and read in the Lodge:

Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt and family present their compliments and heartfelt thanks. They deeply appreciate the affectionate remembrance you have shown in the name of your Lodge.

From the records of April 23, 1920, we read the following:

Following the ceremonies of initiation, a beautiful silk American Flag was escorted into the Lodge and presented to the Lodge in a few well chosen and appropriate remarks by Bro. Frank A. Baker, as the gift of our genial and bashful Treasurer, Bro. James E. Harcourt.

At the communication held on June 25, 1920, Worshipful Hugh H. Ralph, Master of Wollaston Lodge presented to Theodore Roosevelt Lodge a beautiful set of The Three Great Lights as the gift of Wollaston Lodge. This gift was greatly appreciated by the officers and members of our Lodge, as were all the many acts of kindness and assistance extended by Wollaston Lodge during our early days.

On September 24, 1920, the Lodge held its last regular communication while operating under dispensation. During the period since its institution, seventy-two applications for the degrees had been received.

Theodore Roosevelt Lodge, A. F .& A.M., was constituted on October 14, 1920. The ceremonies began with a dinner to the Grand Lodge officers and invited guests. The Grand Lodge officers entered the Lodge at 8:20 p.m., with Right Worshipful Harry G. Pollard, Deputy Grand Master, as acting Grand Master, accompanied by the following:

  • R. W. Myron L. Keith, P.D.G.M., as Deputy Grand Master.
  • R. W. Edward N. West, Senior Grand Warden.
  • R. W. Frank T. Taylor, Junior Grand Warden.
  • R. W. Charles H. Ramsey, Grand Treasurer.
  • R. W. Frederick W. Hamilton, Grand Secretary.
  • R. W. Frank W. Dobson, Grand Marshal.
  • Wor. Edward A. Horton, Grand Chaplain.
  • Wor. Edward A. Chase, Grand Chaplain.
  • Wor. Irving C. Findley, Senior Grand Deacon.
  • Wor. Sanford Crandon, Jr., Junior Grand Deacon.
  • Wor. William W. Brook, Senior Grand Steward.
  • Wor. William H. Bennett, Junior Grand Steward.
  • Wor. Frank H. Hilton, Grand Sword Bearer.
  • Wor. William E. Hancock, Grand Pursuivant.
  • Wor. George W. Chester, Grand Tyler.

After the Grand Lodge officers had been received and assumed their stations, the Charter was read by the Grand Secretary, and as their names were read, the Charter Members assembled west of the Altar. After the Charter was received, the officers of the Lodge, who had served under dispensation, were installed by the officers of the Grand Lodge. The Grand Secretary then read a charge, which was originally given by Paul Revere while Grand Master of Masons in 1795, and which has been read at the constitution of every Lodge under this Grand Lodge since that time. Before the Grand Lodge retired from the Lodge, the Worshipful Master presented to Right Worshipful Harry G. Pollard, acting Grand Master, a check for $100.00 for the Rainy Day Fund. There were 275 present.

At the communication of October 22, 1920, the Master read a letter received from Right Worshipful Harry G. Pollard, thanking him for a delightful evening spent with the Lodge at the time of its constitution, from which we quote the following: I found out on my way home, that so far as the memory goes, of any of the Grand Lodge officers present, your gift of $100.00 to the Rainy Day Fund, was the first one ever received at the Constitution of a Lodge. It was a delightful thing for the Brethren to do, and the Grand Master, whom I have just reached by telephone at his farm, way up in New Hampshire, was very much pleased when I told him of your generous contribution.

The Master also read a letter received from Most Worshipful Grand Master Arthur D. Prince thanking the Lodge for its generous contribution to the Rainy Day Fund, and from which we quote the following:

I am deeply appreciative of the fact that your Lodge signalizes its entrance into the Grand Lodge by this generous gift, which typifies in the most emphatic way, to the zeal and devotion of the Brethren.

The first Annual Meeting of the Lodge was held on November 26, 1920, with the following officers elected: Osma L. Sumner, Worshipful Master. Rutherford E. Bailey, Senior Warden. Lester J. McCombs, Junior Warden. They were installed by Right Worshipful Henry D. Higgins, District Deputy Grand Master. Brother Louis H. Gieser, who had been an active worker in the organization of the Lodge, was appointed as Marshal and has served the Lodge in that office since that time. In this important office, he has brought much credit to the Lodge by the graceful and dignified manner in which he has performed his duties. In the fine art of marshaling, Louis Gieser is tops.

We note from the records of this communication that a committee was appointed to collect contributions for the George Washington Memorial Association. This is the first mention of this activity, which has since developed into such an important project.

At the communication of December 23, 1921, the Masters and Past Masters of the District were present, and with Worshipful Osma L. Sumner as spokesman, presented our District Deputy Grand Master, Right Worshipful Henry D. Higgins, with a Past District Deputy's jewel, as a token of the love and esteem in which they held him.

We read the following from the records of October 27, 1922: This being the anniversary of the birth of our namesake Theodore Roosevelt, all joined in singing his favorite hymn, "How Firm a Foundation," after which all stood in silent prayer as a tribute to his memory. Taps were sounded by Bro. Walter M. Smith. The following appears in our records for June 22, 1923:

Voted to accept the invitation to move to the new Masonic Temple in Quincy, when that building was completed, provided that the rent would not exceed $500.00 per year.

At the communication of December 28, 1923, a committee was appointed to meet with similar committees from the other Lodges in Quincy to sponsor a Chapter of the Order of DeMolay. This movement was headed by Brother Chester I. Campbell, and as a result of the efforts of these joint committees, Old Colony Chapter, Order of DeMolay, was organized.

On January 25, 1924, we had as our guests the officers of Wollaston Lodge, headed by their Master, Worshipful Herbert Fairclough. They exemplified the Master Mason Degree on the last candidate in a splendid manner. A few weeks later, our officers were guests of Wollaston Lodge and exemplified the Master Mason Degree in their Lodge.

On May 23, 1924, we had as our guests the officers of Delta Lodge, Braintree, headed by their Master, Worshipful Arthur W. Hoe, and had the pleasure of witnessing their fine exemplification of the Master Mason Degree. Shortly after that, our officers paid a return visit to Delta Lodge, where we worked the Master Mason Degree.

On October 31, 1926, the Lodge participated in a procession, with the other Lodges in Quincy, to the laying of the cornerstone of the new Masonic Temple. The procession was held in a driving rain storm and the marchers were thoroughly drenched.

On November 21, 1927, the Lodge met for the first time in the new Quincy Masonic Temple to participate in the dedication ceremonies.

The first regular communication in the new Quincy Masonic Temple was held on November 25, 1927. This was our eighth annual meeting and Brother Willis C. Witte was elected as Worshipful Master. He was the first Brother who had received his degrees in our Lodge to be elected Master of the Lodge. On November 22,1929, the Secretary read a letter of fraternal greetings and good wishes from Roosevelt Lodge No. 650, F. & A.M., of Cleveland, Ohio.

At the fourteenth annual meeting held on November 24,1933, Brother Walter P. Evans, who had served us as Secretary since the Lodge was instituted, retired. Worshipful Everett E. Weatherbee was elected to fill the office and has continued to serve us as Secretary since that time. These are the only two Brothers to serve as Secretary of the Lodge and both have filled the important station in a very capable and businesslike manner.

At the communication of April 26, 1935, the W7orshipful Master announced the passing of Worshipful Frank A. Baker, who had been one of the very active workers in organizing the Lodge. He had served as Marshal in 1919 and 1920 and as Treasurer from 1920 to 1932.

It was announced at the communication of December 27, 1935, that our Past Master and Secretary, Worshipful Everett E. Weatherbee, had been appointed District Deputy Grand Master of the 26th District.

On October 23,1936, the Lodge held a Past District Deputy's Night. Nine past District Deputies of the 26th Distiict were present and participated in the exemplification of the Master Mason Degree. Those present were:

  • R. W. Hartley L. White, District Deputy in 1910 and 1911
  • R. W. Walter S. Pinkham, District Deputy in 1912 and 1913.
  • R. W. Henry D. Higgins, District Deputy in 1920 and 1921.
  • R. W. Henry P. Tilden, District Deputy in 1922 and 1923.
  • R. W. Samuel T. MacQuarrie, District Deputy in 1924 and 1925.
  • R. W. George E. White, Distiict Deputy in 1926 and 1927.
  • R. W. Arthur W. Hoe, District Deputy in 1928 and 1929.
  • R. W. Roy Prout, District Deputy in 1930 and 1931.
  • R. W. William J. Holbrook, District Deputy in 1932 and 1933
  • R. W. George T. Burnham, District Deputy in 1934 and 1935.

Immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, we were confronted with a very unusual situation. The Army took over the Quincy Masonic Temple as a place to quarter troops stationed in this area and we were left without a meeting place. Arrangements were made to hold the communication of December 26, 1942, at the Atlantic Masonic Apartments, through the courtesy of Atlantic Lodge. Arrangements were then made to hold future meetings, during the emergency, in the Wollaston and Odd Fellows Hall. In April the Army released the Quincy Masonic Temple and we returned to our regular meeting place on April 24, 1942.

At this meeting, the Worshipful Master announced the passing of Worshipful Carroll E. Bates, who had served as the first Master of the Lodge.

Soon after the Lodge was organized, the officers established an enviable reputation for the excellent manner in which they rendered the work. Extremely fine programs were arranged, the meetings were well attended and the Lodge firmly established itself in the fraternal life of the community. We began with 103 Charter Members and grew steadily. On our twelfth annual communication, on November 27, 1931, we had a membership of 343. In moving from Wollaston to Quincy, we lost the advantages of being a community Lodge. A number of members were lost by way of dimit and that fact, coupled with the effects of the depression and the consequent recession in Masonic activities, reduced our membership materially until November 27, 1942, our Secretary's report showed a membership of 220. Since then there has been a slight increase, and at our twenty-fifth annual meeting last month, November 24, 1944, our membership was 240.

Our present Worshipful Master is the twenty-fifth Master to occupy the Oriental Chair. During this past quarter century, many have served the Lodge with fidelity. Time permits us, however, to refer only to a few.

Worshipful Rutherford E. Bailey, one of those active in organizing the Lodge, served us as Master from November 25, 1921, to November 24, 1922, and as Associate Chaplain for many years since that time. He has faithfully labored for the best interests of the Lodge, advised and counseled the Masters and other officers, and in every way possible, promoted the best interests of the Lodge. For his services, we are grateful; for his loyalty and faithfulness, we love and admire him; he is truly our number one member.

On November 25, 1921, Rev. Brother Thomas W. Davison was installed as Chaplain and has continued to serve in that important office since that time. Modest and retiring, he has served us faithfully and well. The hearts of many of our Brothers and their families go out to him in silent gratitude for his ministrations in time of trouble and bereavement. We admire him as a man, honor him as our Chaplain and love him as a friend and Brother.

When the Lodge was organized, Brother Arthur W. Houghton was selected as Tyler and he has served us faithfully since that time—the only Tyler the Lodge has ever had and the only officer to serve us continuously since we were instituted. Always faithful, loyal and courteous, we take this opportunity to express our gratitude for his faithful services.

And thus we have completed our first quarter century and stand on the threshold of another. We look forward with confidence to the vital part Freemasonry must take in the critical days ahead, with the earnest prayer that Theodore Roosevelt Lodge may always do its part toward the accomplishment of the responsibilities that must be ours.

And so, as we hand the torch to the younger members to come, we do so with the firm admonition that they accept the responsibilities which will be theirs courageously, and carry on!


  • 1926 (Participation in Quincy Temple cornerstone laying, 1926-378)
  • 1936 (Reduction of fees approved, 1936-38)



1919: District 26 (Quincy)

1927: District 26 (Quincy)


Massachusetts Lodges