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Oliver Prescott, Grand High Priest
Henry Fowle, Deputy Grand High Priest
William Woart, Grand King
Thomas Jackson, Grand Scribe


ANNUAL SESSION, 09/11/1810

Meeting held at Mason's Hall, Boston (ChI-72):

The Grand Chapter opened.

Grand Chapter voted as follows:

  • To empower the Grand Secretary to call upon King Solomon's Chapter and inform it "of a breach of the regulations of the Grand Chapter by not being represented."
  • To postpone the motion regarding the granting of Charters.
  • To review the accounts of Treasurer and Secretary and fix their compensation.
  • To acknowledge a letter from M. E. Oliver Prescott declining re-election.

The meeting elected the following officers for the Grand Royal Arch Chapter for the ensuing year:

The following officers were appointed for the coming year:

  • Henry Fowle, Deputy Grand High Priest
  • Henry Purkitt, Grand Chaplain
  • John Bartlett, Grand Chaplain
  • James Thompson, Grand Chaplain
  • Jacob Perkins, Grand Steward
  • James Locke, Grand Steward
  • Seth Johnson, Grand Steward
  • Jonathan Chadwick, Grand Steward
  • Ebenezer Oliver, Grand Inside Sentinel
  • William Eaton, Grand Tyler
  • Jeremiah Folsom, Grand Tyler

The motion regarding the procedure for granting a Charter was reviewed and approved with amendment.

STATED MEETING, 01/09/1811

Held at Mason's Hall, Boston (ChI-77):

The Grand Chapter opened.

The Grand Chapter voted:

  • To grant a Charter to Washington Chapter in Salem.

STATED MEETING, 06/11/1811

Held at Mason's Hall, Boston (ChI-78):

The Grand Chapter opened.

The Grand Chapter voted:

  • To address a disciplinary meeting in King Cyrus Chapter.
  • To provide a public dinner for the September 1811 annual meeting.


Location Chapter Precedence Date Notes
Boston St. Andrew's 08/28/1769
Newburyport King Cyrus 06/28/1790
Groton St. John's 09/20/1803
Portland (Maine) Mount Vernon 02/13/1805
Charlton King Solomon's 09/17/1805
Salem Washington 01/09/1811

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