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I think this is a fitting occasion on which to speak of our Veteran Chief Engineer, William C. French, who was in our employ from 1899. He was born in Hinsdale, N. H., May 11, 1841, and died at his hoire in Boston, May 29, .1913. At the age of .nineteen years he enlisted in the Fifth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, Col. Samuel C. Law- rence commanding, in response to the first call of President Lineoln. After the expiration of his military service he took an interest in the eaily development of electric lighting, and installed and operated the first generator used in this country for mercantile lighting of stores. He was engaged in this work until 1899 when he took charge of the electrical and steam plant in this building.

Brother French was an unusual man - a great student, a thorough Shakespearean scholar, a master of his profes- sion, of kindly nature and good humorl he made friends of all who met him, and retairled their friendship. \4re have met a serious loss in his death, but the remembrance of him is pleasant, and his good-natured fellowship is a memory that endures