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== CHARLES A. FRITZ, JR. 1914-2007 ==
== CHARLES A. FRITZ, JR. 1914-2007 ==
* MM 1946, WM 1953, [http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=Manchester Manchester]
* MM 1946, WM 1953, [http://masonicgenealogy.com/MediaWiki/index.php?title=Manchester Manchester]

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CHARLES A. FRITZ, JR. 1914-2007


  • MM 1946, WM 1953, Manchester
  • DDGM, Gloucester 9, 1972-1973
  • Senior Grand Steward 1966
  • Deputy Grand Master 1978



  • Charles Albert Fritz Jr., 92, retired state civil engineer for the State of Massachusetts, passed away in his sleep in Beverly, Mass., on Tuesday evening, April 17, 2007. Mr. Fritz was the son of Charles A. Fritz Sr. and Fannie E. Welch.



From Proceedings, Page 1977-265:

Most Worshipful Grand Master. Distinguished Guests and my Brethren all:

On the occasion of the Feast of Saint John on December 27, 1971, the newly installed Deputy Grand Master promised the Most Worshipful Grand Master that he would seek to discharge the duties of his office to the best of his ability. He pledged to the Grand Master and to the Grand Lodge on behalf of all the appointed officers their allegiance and support as together they endeavored to strengthen the cause and bonds of Masonry in the Commonwealth.

Just as on that august occasion when Right Worshipful Arthur H. Melanson, the newly installed Deputy Grand Master, made these pledges to Most Worshipful Donald Warren Vose, so this evening on behalf of the appointed officers and on my own behalf I make the same pledges to Most Worshipful Arthur H. Melanson, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts.

For a long time to come we will look back upon this day in very special ways that I am sure will be meaningful to each of us. I will recall that this was a day on which the Grand Master and the Grand Lodge bestowed high honor on me, upon my Symbolic Lodge, Manchester Lodge; on my Masonic District, the Gloucester 9th. I will recall this day on which brotherly love and affection abounded just as it always does whenever and wherever Masons meet.

I will recall this occasion as one in which, for the hundredth time or more, I reviewed in my mind and felt in my heart what it means to be a Master Mason and how grateful, how proud, and how humble 1 am for that privilege.

We have all heard it said of Masonry that it is not what you expect to get out of it, but what you put into it that counts. But, Brethren, who can deny that in the giving we do receive many times over that which we give. We become better citizens, better parents, better men. We receive those enduring qualities that give us inner strength and purpose, which surely the Grand Architect of the Universe intended for us.

My Brethren, one of the beloved Past Masters of Manchester Lodge handed down to our Lodge a charge or address to candidates which apparently originated in Lodge Dundee St. Mary No. 1149. He used to deliver this charge so beautifully to our newly raised Master Masons. It is the concluding counsel to the new Master Masons and 1 will paraphrase only slightly to suit the occasion. It would go like this:

"May we by our lives and actions in all things prove to the uninstructed world at large how ennobling, excellent and enlightened an institution is that of the Free and Accepted Masons."

Distinguished Brothers