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From New England Craftsman, Vol. VI, No. 3, December 1910, Page 79:

Etoile Du Pacifique
(Grand Oriente of France)

Grand Lodge of Mass. and Grand Lodge of Chile

On the 7th uf August, 1850, a group of French artisans who were already Masons made application to the Grand Oriente of France to open a Lodge in Valparaiso. It was granted, they receiving a Decree for their definite installation on November 12, 1851, naming it the Étoile du Pacifique (Star of the Pacific). Another group of British and American Masons also residing in Valparaiso resolved to have a Lodge, and made application to the Grand Lodge of California, but as they received no answer they applied to Grand Lodge of Mass.. with a favorable resuit, and were installed definitely on Dec. 14, 1854, under the name of Bethesda.

As the first named worked in French and the second in English it was difficult for the Chillians to become members of either of them, but under the direction of Manuel de Leina, who was made a Mason in Caracas (Venezuela) there were initiated a few Chillians in Lodge Étoile du Pacifique, so after receiving their degrees as M. M. they formed the base of Lodge Union Fraternal, which, under the dependence of the Grand Oriente of France, began to work on July 27, 1853. In 1862 there was working in Concepción the Lodge of Fraternidad, and in Copiapo Lodge Hiram, and La Order of Libertad installed on the 2nd of March. The Chillian Masons were anxious to establish a Grand Lodge of Chile, so that the order would become more popular and extensive.

When this look place. I believe the only instance of anything of the kind in Masonic history, and which was favorable for the Chilian Masons to get what they desired; on the 16th of January, 1861, Napoleon III dictated an Imperial decree naming Marshal Magran Grand Master of the Grand Oriente of France, who at that date had not even received the degree of E. A. This gave footing for Manuel de Lima. Master of Union Fraternal and Enrique Pastor, Master of Fraternadad, Guillermo Gotschalk, Master of Order and Libertad, to protest against the naming of Marshal Magnan, and they denied obedience to Grand Oriente of France, and constituted the Grand Lodge of Chile, which was installed on May 24, 1862, Juan de Dios Arleque being elected Grand Master.

This new Masonic power was born fighting with the Catholic clergy in Chile, and the Grand Oriente of France throughout the Masonic world represented by the Étoile du Pacifique in Chile. The Grand Lodge of Mass. recognized them as lawfully constituted on the 30th of December, 1862. They still maintaining their sovereignty of their Lodges working under York Rite, the Grand Lodge of Chile working under the A. Scottish Rite. They were also recognized bv Grand Lodge of Colombia on 12th of December, 1863 and Grand Lodge Central of France on December 21st, 1864. Fraternal relations never were fully established again with the Grand Oriente, although individual brethren were admitted into their Lodges on conforming to the laws and regulations which governed Lodges under Grand Lodge of Chile. Lodge Progresso, No. 4, was installed definitely on Oct. 19, 1869, on the same date also opened Union Fraternal No. 1.

On the 7th of November, 1864, Justice and Libertad was opened in Santiago, and duly installed on September 23, 1867.

On December 31st, 1868, Lodge Aurora was founded and duly installed on February 10, 1871.

The Modification of the Constitution Article 1 by the consent of Grand Oriente of France caused all the English speaking Masons to withdraw Brethren from visiting the Lodge from visiting their Lodges, or receiving them in ours, which decree still remains in force in Chile.

In 1903 a part of the Members of the Grand Lodge of Chile retired and attempted to form a Grand Lodge of their own, calling themselves the Grand Logia Simbólica. For the last six years nothing has been heard about it, so to all appearance it has ceased to exist.

The Grand Lodge of Chile expelled the Brethren who formed part of the Simbólica Grand Lodge and at the same time issued a decree prohibiting Brethren from visiting the Lodge Étoile du Pacifique, or admitting members of that body in her subordinate Lodges as a protest for the part they took in the division. 
The earthquake which took place on August 16, 1906, destroped the Masonic Temple and archives of Grand Lodge of Chile, caused them to remove the Grand Lodge to Santiago, where they are at present working under the able guidance of Victor Gmo Kwing as Grand Master, with sixteen subordinate Lodges under their jurisdiction scattered over the principal towns of Chile. At present harmony prevails.


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