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Location: Wales

Chartered By: Sereno D. Nickerson

Charter Date: 12/09/1874 1874-144

Precedence Date: 11/28/1873

Current Status: in Grand Lodge Vault; charter surrendered 03/11/1891 (1891-15).


incomplete list

  • George O. Henry, 1873, 1874
  • unknown 1875-1879?
  • Lorin H. Clark, 1880, 1886, 1887
  • Charles H. Walters, 1881
  • James A. Johnson, 1882, 1883
  • Charles M. Green, 1884, 1885
  • Fred M. Royce, 1888
  • Carlos E. Green, 1889-1891


  • Petition For Dispensation: 1873
  • Surrender of Charter: 1891




From New England Freemason, Vol II, No. 2, February 1875, Page 85:

Constitution Of Anchor Lodge, Wales, Mass.—A Special Communication of the M. W. Grand Lodge of Massachusetts was held in the town of Wales, on Thursday, the 4th inst., for the purpose of constituting Anchor Lodge, dedicating its hall, and installing its officers. The following-named Brethren officiated:

The Grand Lodge was opened in Ample Form at two o'clock P. M., in a room adjacent to the hall of the new Lodge; and, having been conducted to the Lodge-room, the Grand Officers assumed their several stations, and prayer was offered by the acting Grand Chaplain. The Grand Master, assisted by his officers, dedicated the apartments of the new Lodge to the purposes of Masonry, agreeably to the ancient usages of the Craft.

The eighteen Brethren named in the Charter were then duly constituted into a regular Lodge, under the title and designation of Anchor Lodge. The Grand Master installed the Master, who is a Past Master of Day Spring Lodge, of Monson. The Grand Wardens installed the Wardens respectively. and the Deputy Grand Master installed the remaining officers. The Grand Master delivered an impressive charge to the Master, Wardens and members of the new Lodge, forcibly inculcating a sense of the responsibility now resting upon them, in their organized capacity, as a component part of the great Brotherhood of Freemasonry.

The following is a list of the officers of the new Lodge:

  • W. Geo. O. Henry, Master.
  • Bro. Charles G. Needhum, Senior Warden.
  • George A. Harvey, Junior Warden.
  • James A. Johnson, Treasurer.
  • Frank A. Royce, Secretary.
  • Eugene Cady, Senior Deacon.
  • Justus J. Stebbins, Junior Deacon.
  • Aaron B. Johnson, Chaplain.
  • Charles F. Thompson, Marshal.
  • George B. Chirk, Senior Steward.
  • Albert A. Smith, Junior Steward.
  • Frank S. Coburn, Tyler.

The ride of ten miles from Palmer to Wales, in open sleighs, was exceedingly cold, both going and returning; but the Brethren were well wrapped up, and enlivened the way with laugh and joke, and found their appetites well sharpened for the hospitalities of the Brethren of Anchor Lodge, as well as those which awaited them from the officers of Thomas Lodge, of Palmer, on their return.

The new Iodge seemed to be composed of excellent material, and all present joined most heartily in wishing them God Speed.


1873: District 18 (Palmer)

1883: District 17 (Palmer)


Massachusetts Lodges